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Structured Data News Round Up: May 17th, 2016

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding structured data for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

Announcing SyntaxNet: The World’s Most Accurate Parser Goes Open Source

This last week Google released SyntaxNet, an open-source neural network framework implemented in TensorFlow that provides a foundation for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) systems. Slav Petrov explains what this means.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool Updated!

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool has been given a makeover! In addition to updating the Testing Tool, Google has also published a help page on Google Developers describing the features of the Testing Tool and how to use it.

OpenAPI Specifications For 642 of the Types

API Evangelist Kin Lane talks about his experience creating 642 OpenAPI Specs.

Google Analytics Vastly Improves Search Console Integration

Google revealed deeper integration between Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Barry Schwartz dives in and discusses the new report released by Google.

You probably haven’t even noticed Google’s sketchy quest to control the world’s knowledge

Is semantic search technology a looming public literacy threat — one that arguably dwarfs the recent revelations that Facebook’s trending topics are curated by humans? Caitlin Dewey discusses how Google’s knowledge panels provide information but often leave out any context on where that information came from and how that makes it difficult for readers to evaluate the accuracy of the statement or whether it’s the best and most complete of the available options.

Check Out Google’s New Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

After it leaked that Google was testing a new mobile friendly testing tool a couple weeks ago, Google officially announced the new tool.

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