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Multi-location and eCommerce businesses are ripe with opportunities to leverage Google’s Search and Email Products to increase click throughs and engagement. We love that they have a variety of locations, products and services which need a semantic marketing strategy to stand out in their competitive industries.


You have more than 25 locations and need to merge corporate and local marketing initiatives. You want to invest wisely to show a consistent brand while empowering your franchise owners. Semantic marketing can help you standout in the local markets where you operate, and harness the power of positive customer reviews to increase per-store revenue.


Your business is online in a competitive environment. You rely on the internet to engage your customers and deliver your service. You probably over rely on SEM for sales and don’t know how to get better results from Organic search. While you have a digital marketing strategy, it doesn’t include Semantic Search Marketing.


Semantic Marketing Platform

Hunch Manifest you can make your marketing budget deliver longer sustainable value. How? We architect our solutions to grow and evolve with your business and semantic search marketing technology.

Our team of experts work with you to understand your business then create a solution that yields the highest value for your business based on recommendations from Google, Yahoo and Bing. As the recommendations evolve and change, you don’t have to worry, we take care of updates and maintenance for you using our semantic marketing platform.

Our solution is built to be faster, more efficient and cost effective than hiring a team of semantic search experts. We don’t just sell semantic marketing techniques and technology, we built our company on it!

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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer in Preparation for Semantic Marketing

When selecting a web developer, it is now an important step to determine if they are familiar and able to build a website for you that is semantic ready. This means that they are familiar with and how to implement it on the content management system (Wordpress or otherwise)...

Low email open rates? Actions can help.

Email is a key component of how we get things done, especially in business. So much information can be contained in an email and many require the reader to take action such as RSVP to an event, or flight check in. But, email is not efficient. For every email you...

Why every digital marketer should know (and love) structured data

Semantic markup is a mechanism for creating meaningful data on the web. Semantic markup helps search engines understand what our content and our data means so it can display better search results. When companies implement markup on their websites, they appear in more relevant search results and are more...