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Based on your online presence goals, business characteristics and online personality we apply our proven methods to get results.
  • Audit Online Presence

    Understand how you show up online

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    Tasks set out in the strategy are done for you

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We signed up with Hunch Manifest after finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the constantly changing methods of improving our SEO. Hunch Manifest allows us to target our efforts with tasks that we know will help us reach our online presence goals. The tasks are broken down into simple steps so I can delegate them to my employee.
Beth Timlin Grey Rock Clothing Co., Ontario
Before I started Presence Manager I was unaware how much wasted effort and time I was putting into my online presence. Since I signed up, I have greatly increased my exposure to clients, while actually spending less time. I totally recommend them.
Ted Buzanis Mortgage Agent
As a business owner it can be really overwhelming to look at improving my website. I often don’t know where to start or what improvements might make the most difference. The Presence Report provided useful recommendations to improve my online presence and simple steps I could take right away
Erica Lee Engineer Your Life


How to Repurpose Your Content

Developing new materials for content marketing requires a great deal of effort, from coming up with an idea and researching the topic to content creation and promotion.The content creation that business have to do today requires thorough planning. Content needs to be planned and purposeful  to build trust, credibility and SEO...

How to Setup Collaborative Inbox using Google+ Groups

Google Groups now has a feature which allows you to create them as a Collaborative Inbox. If you have Google Apps for Business, you can setup a group that allows you to collaborate amongst a team with a shared email address. That means you could setup support@yourdomain.com, marketing@yourdomain.com or any other team@yourdomain.com...

How to Create Better Automated Emails

What is an autoresponder email? An autoresponder is just a sequence of email marketing message that gets sent to subscribers in the order and frequency that you decide. Autoresponders should be used after someone subscribes to your newsletter, after they download something from your website or after they fill out a...