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Structured Data News Round Up: April 19th, 2016

We’ve curated some of the big news surrounding structured data for the week to help you stay on top of changes and news:

Semantic Search: The Paradigm Shift from Results to Relationships

“Sorry, no content matched your criteria” is probably one of the most frustrating messages we can get after a search in the times when more and more of the world’s information is supposed to be at our fingertips, seemingly a tap or a click away. If we look behind that all too frequent frustration though, we’ll see an important reminder from today’s data-driven world: The potential of data for knowledge discovery is only as big as the capacity to intelligently search through these data.

JSON-LD Best Practice: Context Caching

An important aspect of systems design is understanding the trade-offs made in your system. These trade-offs are influenced by a variety of factors: latency, safety, expressiveness, throughput, correctness, redundancy, etc. Systems, even ones that do effectively the same thing, prioritize their trade-offs differently. There is rarely “one perfect solution” to any problem.

Six searches that show the power of Google

There is a word that you never heard anyone use 20 years ago. But today, according to research from Lancaster University, which examined millions of words of casual conversation, it crops up more frequently than “clever”, “eggs”, “fridge”, or “death”. That word is Google.

Benefits Semantic Search Brings to Digital Marketing

Google means to be an “Answer Engine,” trying to provide those who use it with the best results for their search queries. Accompanying Google’s move towards relevancy and semantic search is an adjustment for SEO’s. Most of us need to get better acquainted with semantic search technology. This article endeavors to be an introduction to the topic and to a few semantic experts.

How semantic technology is making sense of our big data

In the business world the question is not what can AI do, but how is AI technology relevant to me today?

What are featured snippets and how do I get them?

Rob Bucci, the CEO of STAT, delivered a fascinating talk at BrightonSEO last week about the mystery of featured snippets, using his observations after analysing one million queries.
Here’s a round-up of the talk, featuring Rob’s advice on why featured snippets are important and how to increase your chances of obtaining them.

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