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5 Underutilized Rich Snippets for eCommerce

There are many Structured Data markup opportunities for eCommerce stores that could help them stand out in search results. Generally, store owners just add the markup tags to help Google identify prices, product availability and ratings, but there are many underutilized opportunities in implementing other properties. This blog post goes through some of these opportunities that could help eCommerce stores bring in more traffic to their website, simply by adding some markup to their pages.

1. Adding a limited availability notice

The Limited Availablity JSON-LD Code allows you to take advantage of the increases in conversion rates that urgency produces. People are more inclined to make a purchasing decision quickly if they see a limited stock or an expiring offer. The JSON-LD Code will help you inform search engines of a time-limited sale by include this information in your rich snippets.

Also, this code will let you specify the number of items on sale, a short campaign description and location.

2. Displaying a price range instead of a single price offer

Providing a price range lets customers feel like they have more of a choice in how much they are going to spend. Search engines have the ability to display a price range for a searched product. To help the search engines identify the lowest and the highest value of the price properties, mark-up a multiple-product page with the Schema.Org Offer entities. The instructions on how to do that are given here.

3. Display your store name and site breadcrumbs

Rich snippet breadcrumbs allow you to display the navigation of your site to a viewer, to improve website navigation. It lets searchers easily indicate the page position in the site hierarchy, and jump to the product category or website homepage.

4. Sitelinks search box

The sitelinks search box is an under-utilized feature among eCommerce sites. This feature adds a search box within its SERP, allowing users to find the relevant information right from the search results. This is especially useful for searchers who are using branded or navigation queries, or want to quickly find relevant info in large online stores.

Follow this link for technical implementation details.

5. Showcasing a product with a video

You can include a video thumbnail into the search results of a product. This makes your website stand out and draws people in to click on your page. If users click on the video, it brings them to YouTube.

Check this page to learn how to optimize your product pages with video markup tags.

Adding these 5 rich snippets to your website is an easy was to draw in more traffic to your online store by making your website stand out in search results. If you are using these structured markup options, are you seeing results? What other structured markup optimization methods have you used?

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