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Questions to Ask Your Web Developer in Preparation for Semantic Marketing

When selecting a web developer, it is now an important step to determine if they are familiar and able to build a website for you that is semantic ready. This means that they are familiar with and how to implement it on the content management system (WordPress or otherwise) that they are using for your new website. The following is a list of questions to ask a web developer to gauge their understanding and readiness to implement markup.

1. Are you familiar with

Structured data markup is relied on by search engines to provide richer search results. Multiple webmaster guidelines (including Google’s) provide details on how to optimize your content effectively.

They’re important rules to follow, as schemas can help to develop how users see your results within search engines. Items such as reviews of your products, events, profile details, and organization details can all be marked up with schema.

It therefore makes sense to follow schema markup and develop your site to correlate with the guidelines.

2. Have you used standard SEO Techniques?

The standard SEO techniques that applied previously are still in play, such as:

3. What Content Management System do you use?

Depending on what your website is built with, the process for implementing semantic markup changes. WordPress offers plugins that make it easier to implement the markup, while other sites may require you to do it manually.


If you are using WordPress as your CMS, we have a Plugin that adds structured data to your website available at

Other platforms

If you are using Drupal 7 or later, Resource Description Framework (RDF) Module will help significantly. You could also you the module.

This article goes in depth into how to implement structured data using Drupal. 

4. What HTML template framework do you use? E.g. Liquid Templating, or a PHP MVC framework.

Do you have Tealium or Google Tag Manager installed?
Is there a hook to add a code snippet to the <head> tag?
Do you have JQuery or other Javascript library that helps with fetching web documents?



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