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Kayokoko: Structured Data Case Study

Kayokoko Swimwear is a designer swimwear online store. They were awarded the Best Online Shopping Experience (Small) from Canada Post for 2015. We decided to check out if they were using structured data on their website and where they still had opportunities to improve. We used the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to validate the use of We looked for the following elements:

Schema Rating: 3/5


Kayokoko is off to a good start with implementing structured data markup to their homepage, but they aren’t harnessing the full power yet. They have implemented mark up for their product pages, however this seems to be the extent of their utilization of structured data. To improve their score, Kayokoko could start by adding mark up to their homepage to complete their Knowledge Graph.

What they are doing well:

Kayokoko has implemented markup on their product pages including the description, availability and price. This would be helpful if this information appeared in the search engine results for these products, however it does not at this time.


What they could improve: 

Kayokoko does not have any markup on their homepage such as their company information therefore the phone number, logo and social media profiles are not showing in their Knowledge Graph. This markup is helpful for users who are just looking for this information and helps them get into contact with the company faster.


Kayokoko also does not have any additional markup for breadcrumbs, site name in search or search box. These are some missed opportunities to enhance their SERP.

They have a page for testimonials on their website, but it isn’t marked up and therefore these reviews won’t end up in their search results. Kayokoko has 10 pages of positive reviews on their website presenting a major opportunity to display a rating in their search results to try to seem more appealing over other online retailers. Their individual product pages also have reviews, which could  be included in the markup and would be displayed in the search results for those products.

As outlined in a previous blog, rich snippets present a huge opportunity for online retailers in a number of ways that make their results stand out in search results or help customers find what they are looking for quickly.


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